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Eeboo Circus 1008 Piece Puzzle
Not yet rated
The challenge of a 1000 piece puzzle, but square! With no top or bottom, eeBoo’s family style puzzles are perfect for a group to work on around the table. In this silly circus, an animal audience watches a wonderfully whimsical performance in the center r
Djeco Elephant Balancing Game
Not yet rated
Rediscover family game night with this adorable balancing game. Balance the sticks on the elephant and see how high you go before it all tumbles down.

Suitable for 1-4 players.

Suitable for ages: 4 + Years
Djeco Puzz'art - Octopus - 350 pcs
Not yet rated
The Puzz'Art octopus puzzle from Djeco does not have any corners or borders, so it's especially challenging! Includes a matching poster.

size: 61 x 38 cm

350 pieces

Recommended age: 7 years+
Djeco Silhouette Puzzle - The Aquarium - 16pc
Not yet rated
Explore the ocean depths from the back of a truck with this quirky Aquarium 16-piece Silhouette Puzzle!

Designed with huge cut-out pieces that come in just the right size for early learners to grasp and handle, this puzzle depicts a mobile aquarium fille
Djeco Primo Puzzle - In The Meadows - 4,6,9pc
Not yet rated
The Djeco In the Meadows Primo Puzzle contains 3 puzzles. The chicken has 4 pieces, the tortoise has 6 pieces and the rabbit has 9 pieces. Each puzzle piece is made from sturdy cardboard. A great way to introduce first puzzles to toddlers.

Djeco 3 Layers Puzzle - Chez-Nut - 12pc
Not yet rated
This beautiful 3 layer puzzle shows the 3 levels of a home of an owl, a bird and a squirrel family.

Size: 25 x 25cm

Ages: 2y+

Crocodile Creek 36 Puzzle - Ocean Animals
Not yet rated
This 100 piece floor puzzle is challenging and fun for kids to learn the different species of animals that inhabit our world. Each puzzle creates a learning environment that includes 36 different animals and a chart which lists each animal’s name in multi
Silhouette Puzzle - Little Wolf 24 pcs
Not yet rated
Open up this wolf-shaped box to piece together an enchanting wolf-themed puzzle!

Perched atop a happy yak and surrounded by vibrant birds, the enlightened wolf plays the pan flute in harmony with his parade of animal friends.

It's a beautiful scene litt
Underwater Escapade Stand Up Puzzle
Not yet rated
Learn important sorting skills with silly sea creatures!

Sort the pieces by similar color or by similar shape.
18 months+
All-Terrain Adventure Stand Up Puzzle
Not yet rated
18 months+
Over land, sea, sky, and the great beyond, sort and stack to help these critters get back on track!

Practice spatial awareness by reassembling each vehicle of the puzzle.
George Luck Rainbow Frog Puzzle
Not yet rated
Watch as your child's puzzle solving skills grow by leaps and bounds with this friendly frog.
2 years+

Identify the body parts as you place the pieces, or imagine what colors you would be if you were a leaping frog.
George Luck Chickens & Friends Layer Puzzle
Not yet rated
Age: 3+ Years
This farmyard fun layered puzzle is sure to be the buzz of the barn! Includes three layers of puzzle solving play.

What are the names of all the different barnyard animals? If you could be one of these animals, which one would you
George Luck Five Cats Layer Puzzle
Not yet rated
Cuddling and colorful cats are the best kind of cat! Layer these five furry friends on top of each other.

Try to describe to a friend how to solve this puzzle by memory! Can you remember which color is first?
3 years+
Eeboo Simple Word Lotto
Not yet rated
In this simple poetic game, try to be the first to fill in the words on your lotto boards. Lay the tiles out in a grid face-down and take turns flipping over tiles. Luck could be on your side, but if you really want to win you’ll have to put your memory s
Eeboo Wooldand Life Clever Matching Game
Not yet rated
Full of sweet illustrations inspired by vintage French designs, our new little games line will delight children of all ages. Conveniently sized for any setting, these games are perfect for families on the go, as well as families who enjoy cozy game nights
The Little Prince Blocks 12 pcs
Not yet rated
This 12-piece set of beautifully coloured wooden blocks lets kids 3 and up create six memorable scenes from The Little Prince movie.<p>18 months+.<p><p>In stock items ship within 2-3 business days.
C$23.00 C$10.00
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