Safari Lion Plush Stacker
Not yet rated
Stack and play fun! The Safari Lion Stacker is great for fostering fine and gross motor skills. This four piece stacker includes a base, two stacking rings and a lion head topper. Little ones will love stacking and unstacking the soft rings again and agai
Friendship Activity Cube
Not yet rated
Item Number: E1812
Age: 12+ Months
Pepe & Friends Activity Cube features five different play surfaces, ranging from a ball maze, to shape puzzles, gear explorations, colorful mazes, and more.

As you interact with the different sides, try creating stories
Pepe Sound Stacker
Not yet rated
Item Number: E0448
Age: 12+ Months
This stackable and colorful puppy helps children identify different shapes and colors, as well as barks when his head is knocked.

Try stacking Pepe back together without the form, and see if you can balance the pieces t
Counting Stacker
Not yet rated
Item Number: E0504
Age: 12+ Months
Create towers of fun with this colorful stacker.

Count the pieces. Name the colors.Talk about concepts such as taller and shorter/ bigger and smaller when making stacks of beads.
RV Rhyming Puzzle Pairs
Not yet rated
Match the words that sound the same. When children recognize words that rhyme they’ve mastered a critical auditory pre-reading skill. When the two puzzle pieces are connected, the printed words are side-by-side, reinforcing the awareness that groups of le
Eeboo Addition Flash Cards
Not yet rated
Does 1 and 1 make 2 or 3? Find out when you play this game with me! An activity to promote mastery of fundamental math facts. Helpful illustrations guide basic counting, color-coded borders for easy sorting. Both numbers and objects are added to demonstra
BoitaBasic Shape Sorter
Not yet rated
A sweet wooden shape sorter.
This gorgeous set features a leaf design on the side of the box and has a triangle, circle, star and square wooden shapes.
The wooden shapes feature adorable characters on them.
Great for building fine motor skills and shape
BigaBasic Sorting Puzzle
Not yet rated
A simple wooden puzzle featuring three differently sized coloured circles.
Behind each shape is a sweet animal character.
Great for building fine motor skills.
Children will love playing peekaboo with the animals.
12 months+
Grimm's Blocks - Forest Rainbow 12pc
Not yet rated
Grimms 12pc Rainbow Forest includes 12 conical wood pieces. Diameter measures 3-4cms and Height ranges from 7-12cms.
Build a forest for each season. Create roof tops and spires. Wonderful for both decor and discovery play. Can be combined withe Grimms bui
Grimm's Blocks - Forest Pastel 12pc
Not yet rated
Grimms 12pc Pastel Rainbow Forest includes 12 conical wood pieces.
Diameter measures 3-4cms and Height ranges from 7-12cms.

Build a pastel-coloured forest. Create roof tops and spires. Wonderful for both decor and discovery play. Can be combined withe Gr
C$60.00 C$49.00
Grimm's River Pebbles 4pc
Not yet rated
Grimms River Pebbles include 4 wooden pieces.
Pieces measure approximately 2.5cm thick and diameter ranges from 6-12cm per piece.

Building, stacking and finding balance with these organic round stones can be beautiful.

Wonderful for both decor and disco
Grimm's Large Pastel Rainbow
Not yet rated
Pastel coloured 12 pc tunnel is Grimms most popular design with a fresh new look!
Made in Bosnia with 100% FSC certified wood.

Finished with non-toxic water-based colour stain.

Measures approximately 36cm long, 7cm wide and 17.5cm tall.
Lace-up Cards - Friends
Not yet rated
Large perforated cards and balls of wool to make sweet and comical pictures

Ages 4 years+
Comes with 4 sets of string, 1 needle, 1 needle threader, and 4 lacing cards
C$27.00 C$23.00
Sakaï Animal Lacing Cards
Not yet rated
Spark your little tot's creative side with this Sakai Lacing Animals kit from Djeco!

Featuring 4 different animals to thread through, tiny lacers can hone their pincer grip and hand-eye coordination skills as they practice lacing and tying to decorate th
C$25.00 C$21.00
Animal A-Z Flash Cards
Not yet rated
We have redesigned our alphabet art cards into a perfect size for little hands. Our cards feature ABCs, a word, and vibrantly-hued graphic images. Perfect to use for image recognition and alphabet learning. These double-sided cards feature large letters o
Giggle Wood Stacker Pink
Not yet rated
Our happy little monkey loves swinging from tree to tree and she's always in search of play time! Take her apart or put her together again by stacking four wooden rings one on top of the other. Either way, she's loads of fun, teaching little ones hand-eye
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