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Philips Avent Glass Natural bottle with the Natural Response Nipple lets baby control the pace of the milk, like they do when breastfeeding. The nipples' unique opening and tip only releases milk when baby actively drinks. When pausing to swallow and breathe no milk flows. Baby can drink, swallow, and breathe using their natural rhythm, just like they do when breastfeeding. 

Easily combine breast and bottle feeding with a wide breast-shaped nipple with a soft feel that mimics the shape and feel of a breast; plus baby controlling the flow of milk like they do when breastfeeding.  The nipple has a no-drip design which helps prevent lost milk from the tip. An anti-colic valve integrated into the nipple is designed to reduce colic and discomfort by sending air away from baby's tummy. The ergonomic shape makes it comfortable for parents to hold. This Natural Philips Avent bottle is made of premium quality borosilicate glass, a BPA-free material. It is heat and thermal shock resistant, so it can be safely stored in the fridge, warmed and is easy to wash and sterilize. Includes are silicone sleeves to protect the bottle while making it easy for parents to hold. Assembly is simple with only a few parts and the wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy. The Natural Response Nipples come in flow rates 1-5, to keep up with baby's growth. We recommend using the Philips Avent Natural baby bottle with Philips Avent Natural bottle nipples. 

3x 4oz Glass Natural bottle with Natural Response nipple flow 2
2x 8oz Glass Natural bottle with Natural Response nipple flow 3
1x 4oz bottle sleeve
1x 8oz bottle sleeve

What to expect when introducing the Philips Avent Natural Response Nipple. It is totally natural for baby to take 2-3 tries to get milk flowing from a new bottle. Unlike traditional bottles the Natural bottle is designed to only release milk when baby is actively drinking, like what happens when babies breastfeed. We have 5 different nipple flow rates for the Natural bottle. When looking for the right nipple flow rate, age is a guide, but baby's approach to drinking and the feeding cues they will show will help determine when to move to a higher or lower nipple flow rate.

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