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Baby Doll Deluxe Set: Bottle, Pacifier & Diaper
Not yet rated
Doll accessory set includes: diaper, magic bottle, pacifier
Doll diaper is suitable for dolls of approx. 14.2 - 18 inches
Thanks to the included pacifier the doll can be comfort
And with the magic bottle which refills in a magic way the doll can be fed
Magic Baby Milk Bottles 2pk
Not yet rated
Two Magic Bottles in milk and orange optic (12,5 cm / 4,7 inch)
By feeding the doll the bottle seems to get empty
The Magic Bottle will refill in upright position again
Accessory for baby dolls, new born dolls, reborn dolls or for plush toys
Age range
Milk Bottles 3m+
Not yet rated
Tilt the bottles upside down to watch the milk disappear! Size of each: 5”H. Blister card packaging.
Tea Time Playset 3y+
Not yet rated
This charming set is perfect for pretend play. By socialising with family and friends, children can develop their creativity, social skills, and fine motor development. It includes a teapot, two tea cups, a sugar bowl, and a tea bag, all crafted from dura
My Baking Oven With Magic Cookies 3y+
Not yet rated
Create delicious-looking cookie treats for your family and friends with this wonderful bakery set! Includes one oven, one tray and six cookies that actually change colour when cooked in the oven!
Veterinary Set 12m+
Not yet rated
This handy Kids Vet Set has everything young veterinarians need to nurse sick teddies or poorly animals back to health. Presented in a lovely light purple vet’s case, this vet toy comes packed with all the essentials.

Using the stethoscope, children ca
Musical Tin Tea Set (Andy Westface)
Not yet rated
A great time to socialize, as is the case during a meal, "playing with the tea set" with other children or adults will give the children the opportunity to discuss, develop and improve their vocabulary by sharing a cozy moment with others, as they do in t
Pasta Mix
Not yet rated
Hello and welcome! This set of pasta from Janod that includes 58 accessories will definitely set you on a culinary journey - butterfly pasta, tagliatelle, ravioli, parmesan, tomatoes, mushrooms and other accessories, but most importantly, don't forget the
Princesses Dish Set
Not yet rated
Gorgeous dinner setting fit for a princess. Add a touch of elegance to your next dinner party with this princess inspired table setting. Contains a lovely candelabra, 2 rose goblets, 2 plates and 2 knives and forks.
3+ years.
Wooden Tea & Macaron Set
Not yet rated
Tea Time! Children will love to invite their doudous to play with this pretty wooden tea set from Vilac in soft colors. Do you want a shortbread strawberry rabbitou ? And you little doll, would you like a macaroon to dip in your tea? Touille stains the ba
Multi Activity Early Learning Kitchen
Not yet rated
Aimed at toddlers, this pretty wooden early-learning kitchen offers lots of different surprises and activities! A string of fruit slides along a wire and the hands of a clock go round and round. Rebuild the stackable bottle in watercolour shades and make
Petite Ecole De Danse Porcelain Tea Set 
Not yet rated
China tea set decorated with delicate pink and golden motifs, displayed in a delightful illustrated box to serve tea to her mother and her little mouse friends. Contains 1 teapot, 4 cups and 4 saucers, 1 milk jug and 1 sugar bowl. Wash with a soft and dam
Night Night Sleigh Bed
Not yet rated
The Nighty Night Sleigh Bed is a delightful wood bed complete with 1 tufted mattress with peachy fabric, 1 pillow, and 1 quilted blanket. Excellent for playtime slumber that fits dolls and stuffed animals up to 15" tall. Plus, this adorable bed is stackab
Salad Play Set
Not yet rated
Making garden salad fresh to order! The all-inclusive 36-piece set includes felt salad greens (lettuce and red sweet pepper slices) in a hinged container, wooden vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and avocado), protein (egg), tableware
Stella Backpack Doll Carrier
Not yet rated
Secured by simple hook-and-loop closures, Baby Stella fits inside the backpack carrier comfortably. Helping tots practice fine motor and nurturing skills. This soft doll accessory features reinforced padded case with zipper enclosure holds most of her acc
Toddler Kitchen Set
Not yet rated
Prepare delicious meals for your family and friends! This fun wooden stove comes with one pot with lid, one frying pan, one spoon and one spatula for you to cook with. Features knobs which click cutely when turned. Store your pot and pan in the spac
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