Nursery Pal Link Premium

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Nursery Pal Link Premium features a 5” Smart Baby Monitor. When at home, use the handheld parent unit to soothe your baby with the sweet sound of your voice using two-way talk communication, and track climate conditions with the preinstalled room temperature monitor. At bedtime, keep the same High-Definition picture in the dark with Infrared Night Vision, and watch your sleepy child lull to a peaceful and gentle slumber as you control lullabies, audiobooks, and nature sounds from your 5” monitoring screen. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with the Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Link Premium. More Than Just a Baby Monitor.

More Than Just a Baby Monitor
See, hear and speak to your baby from anywhere with Hubble's latest family innovation. Our 5" baby monitor is ushering the future of emotional tech and making it crystal clear that baby monitors are no longer just for parents. At home, track climate conditions with the preinstalled room temperature monitor, while soothing your little one with the sound of your voice using the two way talk communication.

Come bedtime, you'll have the same high-definition picture quality in the dark with our infrared night vision, so you can watch your little one lull to a peaceful slumber as you control lullabies, audiobooks & nature sounds - all via the handheld parent unit.

A Parent Unit You Can Depend On
Innovation is our strength and when it comes to the Nursery Pal Link Premium, we've put a lot of effort into creating a parent unit that you can depend on. With the impressive 5" color screen, you will get to enjoy crystal clear live feeds whether it's day or night. Our newly upgraded night vision brings you stunning night time imagery so you can rest peacefully knowing that you can always see how your child is doing.

Two-way talk is just a button away and enjoy split-screen viewing when you purchase the Twin model or add-on cameras.

Better With HubbleClub
Download the HubbleClub App to get the most out of Nursery Pal Link Premium. Upgrade to a HubbleClub subscription to access even more incredible features, including room temperature tracking via smart device and preloaded lullabies, soothing sounds and bedtime stories.

The Full-HD, 1080p resolution and pristine infrared night vision afford crystal clear monitoring, even in total darkness. Nursery Pal Link Premium is the reliable friend that makes bedtime easier for the whole family.

-Peace of Mind Starts Here.
-5" diagonal color monitor screen
-Long life parent unit battery (3,000mAh Li-battery)
-Wi-Fi & 2.4GHz FHSS connectivity
-1080p remote access via smart device
-Two-way communication
-Room temperature display
-Infrared night vision
-Nature sounds, lullabies & audiobooks preloaded on the camera unit
-Support stand on parent unit

What's included:
-5" Parent Unit Monitor Screen
-WiFi Baby Camera (2 Cameras Included with Twin Version)
-Power Adapters
-Quick Start Guide


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