Nesting and Stacking Cubes (Andy Westface)

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The blocks are highly educational toys and allow children to discover and acquire a large number of concepts alone or accompanied by an adult. These blocks have been designed to ensure that young children develop while having fun and making discoveries independently. Children as young as 1 year old can play with these blocks but we recommend them for 2 year old's when they are learning to sort by size stack nest observe and count. Hollow on the bottom and full on the top these attractive and trendy blocks with their colours can be piled up or fitted into each other thus allowing a natural approach to the notions of size the top the bottom hidden inside next to. And what a joy when the building tumbles down The portraits of the 10 animals each as beautiful as the next will help the little ones to enrich their vocabulary thanks to the hippopotamus the tiger the panda etc. They will also be able to arrange them by size next to each other or inside each other and thus learn about sizes without realising it: The rabbit is smaller than the panda but the tiger is bigger than the koala. To exercise their skills children can stack each block from the largest to the smallest discovering on each side the animals in their circus act and their rainbow accessory maracas hats balloons umbrellas etc. separately on another side. For older children learning to count will be a pleasure by associating the cake with the number 1 the two carrots with the number 2 and so on. By making discoveries independently this early learning toy is in line with Montessori teaching methods.

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