Mini Kiwi Whitening Powder 1kg

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Our diaper whitener is a great alternative to bleach products - whitens diapers without being harsh on skin and much easier on the environment.Ultra-concentrated bleach alternative. Add 25-50 grams (5 ‰ÛÒ 10 TSP) to you laundry for a front loading machine. Double this quantity for a top loading machine. Laundry - bleaching: For a deeper whitening treatment, allow clothes, sheets, towels to soak for a few hours before washing. Remember ‰ÛÒ its okay to soak prefolds, but not diapers or diaper wraps with elastic or laminationsTo make a spray for spot cleaning: 1 part Whitening Powder to 3 parts very hot water. Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, Sodium Carbonate, 1 KG.
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