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Kindergarten Page Per Day: Reading

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Learn the basics at home or on the go with just one page of activities each day! Perfect for back to school--no matter what that looks like! Sylvan Learning's Kindergarten Page Per Day: Reading Skills uses engaging games and activities to help children become familiar with early reading skills, including: · Consonant Sounds · Short Vowel Sounds · Beginning & Ending Sounds · Story Characters · Story Setting · Story Sequence Children improve their reading skills while they complete fun activities, such as: · Playing hide & seek by hunting in pictures for words starting with specific letters · Matching pictures that start or end with the same sound, like ladder and lion or truck and duck · Reading brief stories and picking out characters and settings from accompanying pictures · And much more! With perforated pages that can easily be removed for short, portable lessons, Kindergarten Page Per Day: Reading Skills will help give your child daily exposure to activities that are both fun and educational!
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