Herbal Healer

Herbal Healer
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Product description

Enjoy soothing relief, as this herbal salve nurtures your skin towards a state of comfort and health. Crafted with a harmonious blend of calming herbs, long used for skin healing, this salve is our secret for sore and sensitive skin. It deeply nourishes and hydrates, offering relief for itchy, dry skin and has developed quite a following since we invented it in 1993.
Our healing salve has been the preferred choice for a variety of ailments, including chapped lips, eczema, rashes, cuts, tattoo healing, cuticles, and up-the-nose healing during hard climates (winter).
Our herbal salve is: Non-toxic, 100% natural, safe for babies and pets, paraben,-free, and fragrance free

How to use;
• Scoop your preferred Herbal Salve quantity with your fingertips.
• Spread over the affected area.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Saskatchewan Beeswax, Comfrey leaf, Plantain, Chickweed.
Local, modern & organic.
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