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Rainbow Navigator Sunglasses
Not yet rated
Classic, cool, comfy—our Original Navigators put an effortless spin on kids protective eyewear (both style-wise and because your child will want to wear them!). Babiators’ award-winning sunglasses for children protect against 100% of UV rays (and boring s
Dohjee Nee Doh
Not yet rated
Meet the new groovy glob crew! NeeDoh® Dohjees are a lineup of little creatures that come with an irresistible squish. There is a whole world of Dohjees to explore with 24 to collect! Each Dohjee comes with a Teenie NeeDoh® inside, just waiting to be sque
6 Pastel Gel Pens
Not yet rated
•The best gel pens you can find! With a rubber comfort grip, easy-flow nib and a long-lasting ink supply, this is the premium choice for gel pen lovers.
• No more shaking your gel pens in frustration! These high-quality pens allow you to draw long contin
Elsie Black & White Cow
Not yet rated
It’s hard not to fall in love with the baby dairy cows on the farm and now you can bring one home for yourself! Elsie the Soft Cow stuffed animal is decked out in the signature black and white spotted coat of the Holstein breed. Luxurious materials that a
C$28.00 C$21.00
Euro Round Sunglasses - Soft Pink
Not yet rated
With amber-colored lenses and a groovy peach hue, our new round sunglasses add a fun, retro flair to any outdoor adventure! Babiators’ award-winning sunglasses for children protect against 100% of UV rays (and boring style) and are virtually indestructibl
Whoopee Cushion
Not yet rated
No one can resist the classic Whoopee Cushion! Embarrass your friends and family when you slip this onto their seat. It’s realistic tooting sound will make anyone blush!

3y+No one can resist the classic Whoopee Cushion! Embarrass your friends and famil
Chattering Teeth
Not yet rated
The Wind Up Chattering Teeth is a hilarious toy. This smiling wind up toy will provide you with some good fun and stress relief. Wind one up to have a set of bouncing biters . For even more fun, get more than one of these chattering choppers and host a ra
Spider Hand Puppet
Not yet rated
The creepy crawly fun has just begun with our Spider Hand Puppets! These hair-raising critters will crawl, wriggle, and squirm with a simple hand movement. The intricate feature detailing brings these creatures to life, and makes playtime feel like the re
Garden Stickers
Not yet rated
A set of 160 stickers on the theme of the garden and its tiny inhabitants. Squirrels, butterflies, caterpillars, flowers and more. Children can arrange the stickers in any way they wish to create beautiful idyllic scenes, or use them to decorate whatever
Interstellar Stickers
Not yet rated
A set of 160 stickers on the theme of space: rockets, astronauts, planets, stars… there’s something for everyone! Ideal party bag gift idea.
Little Camper Baby Teether Toys
Not yet rated
Teaching your child to be curious about the world around them starts at the very beginning! Lucy Darling's Little Camper chewable baby teethers ignite the wonder of childhood and allow your bonfire babe to explore using all their senses. The gum-soothing,
Inch by Inch Book
Not yet rated
The Caldecott Honor winning classic about a brave and clever little worm from beloved picture book creator Leo Lionni.

A small green inchworm is proud of his skill at measuring anything—a robin’s tail, a flamingo’s neck, a toucan’s beak. Then one day a
Super Hero Mouse, Little Brother in Matchbox
Not yet rated
This adorable super hero little brother mouse is a fun addition to Maileg's selection of matchbox mice. A classic Maileg item this little mouse comes with his own matchbox bed with mattress, pillow and blanket and two masks; one for super hero adventures
Born to Be Wild Kid's Spoon/Fork Set - Rhino
Not yet rated
Now that your toddlers have mastered the skills of using the learning utensils, they graduate to the big kids’ version designed for their growing hands. The non-slip and ergonomic silicone handles allow your toddler to grasp the spoon and fork to encourag
large bell
Not yet rated
This bell matches our Baby Nutty helmet and is perfect for the kiddo that's ready to take off.

Let 'em know you're coming...or announce your awesome arrival with a stylin', retro Nutcase bike bell. All you have to do is attach it to your handlebars an
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