Cloud B

Twinkling Twilight Turtle - Aqua
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The Twinkling Twilight Turtle is a new spin on our original award winning Twilight Turtle! Now with 2 soothing MELODIES and 100’s of stars that “TWINKLE” on and off, the new Turtle projects several colourful star patterns on the ceiling and creates a mul
Cloud B Sleep Sheep On-the-Go
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A compact version of the award-winning original Sleep Sheep from Cloud b, this adorable travel companion brings its comforting sleep time sounds with you when you are away from home. Similar to the original Sleep Sheep, the On The Go version has four soot
Cloud B Twilight Buddies Bunny
Not yet rated
Twilight Cuddle Buddies Bunny™ help ease children’s fear of the dark by projecting a starry night sky onto the bedroom ceilings and walls. Hidden within the soothing star pattern are the moon and 3 constellations! Little ones find instant soothing compani
Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Aqua
Not yet rated
The brand new Tranquil Turtle from Cloud b combines the sense of sight and sound in one fun product! Tranquil Turtle projects a magical underwater light effect with a gentle wave motion and plays two soothing sounds (Tranquil Melody & Ocean Waves) to help
Cloud B Sleep Sheep
Not yet rated
Sleep Sheep from Cloud b is the perfect night-time companion to help soothe children to sleep in a safe, calming and effortless way. A sound box tucked safely inside Sleep Sheep lulls one to sleep with pleasant white noise (soft sounds from nature) and th
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