Squishy Izzy Nite Lite

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SOZO’s “”IZZY”” Squishy Lite is a fun and friendly battery-operated, portable night light. When turned on, the light emits a soft warm light that can be switched to an automatic color-changing mode that softly cycles through 8 colors or the night light may be set to stay on a single color. The light will automatically shut off after one hour. The IZZY night light is intended for children ages 3 and up. Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included). INSTRUCTIONS 1. Insert 3 AAA batteries to power “IZZY”. 2. Press the power button on the bottom to turn it on. The light will stay at a warm white mode. 3. Tap “IZZY” and it will automatically cycle through the 7-color options. 4. Tap “IZZY” again to pick a single color to stay. 5. Tapping again will turn the light off OR the light will turn off automatically after one hour. 6. To extend battery life, press the power button to turn off the night light completely.
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