Nordic Blush Happy Mat

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Made from high-quality silicone, the FDA-approved Less Mess Happy Mat is certified by CPSIA as non-toxic, PVC, BPA and phthalate free (so it’s safe for growing bodies). Silicone means its SUPER easy to clean, not to mention microwave & dishwasher safe (not that you’ll even need a dishwasher). Another bonus? It SUCTIONS directly to the table, making it nearly impossible for tiny hands to tip over. Parents rejoice. We've taken back the table. Things to know: Dimensions: 15" x 10" Mat are stackable, heat resistant & easy to store Will not corrode or deteriorate Will not support the growth of fungus, mold or bacteria Silicone is odorless & tasteless Wash gently with warm soapy water or place in the dishwasher. Towel dry. Safe for dishwashers & microwaves and ovens up to 176°C
Local, modern & organic.
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