Lets Garden : A Step by Step Introduction

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No need for sophisticated equipment or a large yard:Lets Gardenis a true DIY book thatchildren can easily follow to take their first steps in gardening. Inspired bytheir own childrens fascination with everythingthat sprouts, Clara Lidstr̦mand Annakarin Nyberg teamed up to create a book that would encourage others tointeract with their surroundings, whether in the countryside or the city. From planting a sunflower in a pot and feeding the birds with leftoverseeds to growing your own garlic and using it to flavour homemade cream cheese,Lets Gardenis full of inventive ideas.Step-by-stepinstructions are presented alongside whimsical illustrations andphotographs, inspiring children to get their hands dirty! 3 years+.
Local, modern & organic.
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