Ice Cream Shop Sand Bucket

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2y+ Gather sand in the large bucket and then use the scoop to fill the ice cream and waffle molds. Bucket (capacity 7 cups) comes with a sieve. - The sand play elements (sieve, spoon, ice cream cones and ice cream scoops) can be removed and used as sand molds independent of the bucket. - All individual parts can also be stowed in the bucket and the sieve loosely placed on top as a lid. - In the lower part of the sand bucket, a figure can be placed as an ice cream seller behind the indicated ice cream counter. - The sand bucket can be used by the child with moist sand for molding. - A perfect ""sand cake"" clearly shows the PLAYMOBIL lettering in the sand surface. - The bucket has a capacity of approx. .5 gal.-The ice cream spoon can be used to shape balls of moist sand and place them on the ice cream cones. - The ice caps can also be used as molds.
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