2pk Natural Rubber Pacifier 3m+ - Sandy Nude/Tan Beige (Round)

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2-pack Pacifier (3-36 months) - Sandy Nude & Tan Beige

Tonally delectable, Sandy Nude and Tan Beige are two of the latest additions to HEVEA’s pacifier range. Two naturally delicate and wonderfully warming colours, this twin-pack is every bit as environmentally conscious as is expected from us at HEVEA. Our natural rubber pacifiers are family favourites and have been since we began making them. Soft enough to soothe, yet sturdy enough for the feistiest teether - A natural and safe option for little ones. The most beautiful little gift for any new arrival and a gorgeous option for top ups. The HEVEA Pacifier twin-packs have been designed for ease from day one of a new arrival, lowering the risk of losing these trusty steeds when you need them most – now there is always a back-up! A beautiful gift and a must-have top up.

Help little ones settle without any unnecessary pressure on our planet 

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