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Nuggles Hanging Wet Bag
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18" x 24", with two handles that unsnap, you can hang it anywhere! Link the two together for one sturdy handle! Can also be used to line a small pail.

Our nifty mesh-lined pouch allows you to put essential oils or a scented disc, or even carbon filter (j
Bummis Large Fabulous Wet Bag
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These Fabulous Wet Bags are an essential and practical accessory for any cloth diaper system. They are conveniently sized and come in colourful Super Brite fabric. Double seamed on 3 sides, they are designed and constructed to be durable and absolutely le
AMP Diaper Pail Liner
Not yet rated
A pail liner will keep you from needing to wash out your diaper pail every time you do diaper laundry, just empty the diapers into the washer and toss the pail liner in there too! These are especially handy for use with front loading washing machines wher
Logan + Lenora Wet + Dry Daytripper Tote
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Headed out for the day’s adventures? The Daytripper Wet + Dry Tote will keep you tidy and prepared no matter what may come. With two deep pockets - a dry one on the front and wet interior one - even the biggest messes are a breeze. Woven cotton canvas str
C$62.00 C$39.00
Colibri XL Wet Bag
Not yet rated
These big bags from The Sling Sisters can be used as a laundry bag, for swimming, traveling, cloth diaper storage, camping etc. The two straps with snaps allow the bag to hang on a towel rod, change table or can be looped together to form a handle. They a
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