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Charcoal Merino Thermal Underwear Set

CO1-900-0 2-3T
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Product description

Merino wool is life!

Technical favorite fiber for sports and the outdoors, it keeps you dry, warm, thin, light and soft and comfortable. The cold will never have the same flavor again with this ultra-efficient technical product.

Entirely developed by L&P, our Merino thermal underwear sets will keep all urban adventurers warm.

Perfect for babies who are comfortably bundled up in their sleigh, to spend Halloween without having to hide the great costumes or to go BOTTOM the ski slopes.

100% Merino wool

  • Naturally breathable fiber, offering optimal comfort while regulating temperature.
  • Premium quality product.
  • Effectively keeps the body dry and warm (does not retain moisture).
  • Comfortable and soft on the skin (non-itchy). - Ideal for outdoor outings/activities/sports (hiking, Halloween, skiing, etc.) during the autumn and extreme cold of winter.
  • Exclusive to L&P.
Local, modern & organic.
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