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AMP One-Size Duo Pocket Diaper

OS Duo Pocket Diaper -mermaids-7-35lbs
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Product description

The new AMP One-Size Duo pocket diaper (patent pending) is a revolutionary new diaper that can be used as either a pocket diaper (ie, an insert stuffed within the pocket of a diaper shell) or as an All-In-Two diaper (ie, an insert on top of a diaper shell), all in a one-size (ie, fits newborns through to potty training!). The intelligent snap placement allows this diaper to have three different rise options and multiple tummy and thigh settings for a custom fit from birth to potty training (7-35lbs). The outer waterproof layer is a soft durable laminated PUL and the inside is a dreamy soft layer of microfleece that is designed to wick wetness away and keep baby dry and comfortable. The pocket opening is large enough for easy stuffing and is placed at the front of the diaper to make removing the insert easy and mess free. To use as a pocket diaper, snap the rise-adjusting snaps to the appropriate setting and place insert inside the fleece pocket of the diaper shell. Place the diaper under baby and fasten the tummy and thigh snaps at a snug but comfortable position. To use this diaper as an All-In-Two diaper, place the insert on top of the fleece making sure that the absorbent insert is between the elastic gathers instead of placing the insert inside of the pocket opening. When it's time for a diaper change, simply replace the absorbent insert for a clean one, and re-use the same shell (assuming it is not soiled). If the shell is soiled, you will need to use a clean shell and a clean insert for the next diaper. Please note that The All-In-Two method can only be used with natural fiber inserts (not microfiber inserts). Microfiber inserts, when/if used, must always be placed within the pocket. What is the benefit of using this diaper as a pocket diaper, vs. as an All-In-Two? When used as a pocket diaper (with the insert placed within the pocket opening), the fleece is up against baby's skin, causing any moisture to get wicked away from baby's skin. Not only does this mean that baby will be comfortable for longer hours in the same diaper, but rash development due to prolonged moisture contact will be minimized. The pocket diaper method keeps baby dry, and is therefore the most convenient option. At each diaper change, both the insert and the shell must be changed for clean ones. When used as an All-In-Two, the hemp or bamboo insert is up against baby's skin (not fleece), and so any moisture produced will not get wicked away. The insert will need to be changed frequently for a dry one (the diaper shell can be re-used until it gets soiled). This method is more economical than the pocket method; less diaper shells are required to have on-hand, though more inserts will be necessary.
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